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Pure Barre Zona Rosa

Lettering & Layout project

Michelle approached me with needing a custom lettering piece for her gym in Missouri. The gym had an empty blackboard wall and she was wanting it to have a piece that was energetic, strong & feminine. This project quickly became interesting because it was the first time I actually would tag-team a design with a client. She wanted me to design the piece but she would do the chalking of the final application.

After finding out all that she needed, I went to work laying out the design & creating custom badges for her board. Since this project was about 6 different pieces added into one, we kept in touch regularly throughout the design process.

After many hours on this project, I finished up and handed over the baton. With all the files prepared for use on an overhead projector Michelle got to work tracing the design on her wall using actual chalk & chalk pens. After a good glass of wine, a couple late nights & many, many hours of work, she got an amazing piece in her shop! Great work Michelle!

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