Balancing: Work + Life

Balancing Your Brand & Your Life  –

When you’re the CEO, the manager, the creative director, the lead strategist & everything else your business needs, it leaves little time for ‘life’. Here are some things to consider if you feel like time away from your business means you’re not moving forward.

Maintain Brand Relevancy

Spending time away from work is a good way to maintain relevancy. What’s happening in the house, what’s going on in the city, what’s important in the lives of those around you? Asking these sorts of questions can help you stay relevant to consumers who are experiencing the same things. The best startups and inventions have not been born in a think tank but rather have been moms, dads & students being inspired by living regular life.

Don’t think of the hours outside of your office as pulling you away from business but as times which can be leveraged to keeping your business relevant.

Maintain Consistency

It’s the reason why people keep returning to the brands they love, they know what they’re going to get. Business owners who can’t leave their brand at the office run the risk of changing their brands too frequently. If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a strong chance you like to change–quickly and usually decisively. Unfortunately, your customer base won’t move as quickly as you and might be left in the dust if it changes too often. Keeping an arm’s length between your personal style and your business can give you the space needed to grow as a person without having to change your business every time you experience new trends.

Natural, steady growth makes a stronger brand experience for your customers.

Maintain Quality of Life

This should be obvious but after running a business and hustling everyday, we can sometimes forget why we even started working for ourselves in the first place. There are seasons, especially in the beginning, when you need to do the 60+ hours a week but if this goes on for months, or years, something might break, and whether it’s you, your mission, your marriage or your family, chances are this wasn’t why you decided to start your business. Your business needs you, but you also need a life. Leaving your brand at the office (and all the stress that goes with it) can help you balance life by letting you live one. If you feel like the business can’t go on without you, perhaps it means your ready to delegate more responsibilities to staff, or you might need to restructure your pricing or take on different clients, but whatever the case, you need to implement a life strategy alongside your business strategy.

If you run a business, have you experienced time outside of work to be re-energizing or distracting?

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