Caked Up!

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Caked Up!

The Obstacle:

Caked Up! was growing (a great problem to have) and incorporating a coffee shop with their bakery. With these additions Lauran wanted to rebrand her shop in a way which would engage a younger crowd, without alienating their client base who needed custom cakes for special events. 

The Soution:

Develop a brand which was youthful for the coffee shop crowd, but overall communicated craftsmanship & professionalism for their clients. 

The Process:

Sketching, Designing, Implementing:

After reading over her response to the questionnaires I’d sent, hearing about her business via video chat, and seeing what her shop looked like, I went into sketching. I was aiming for the brand to be a natural outflow of Lauran’s style. Her shop had bold handmade pieces complemented by an overall aesthetic of clean lines & a modern feel. 

She approved the designs & I went on to designing the visual identity. I chose colors that were energetic without being loud, fonts that pulled out the elegant & professional side of the business & designed business cards.

If you ever find yourself near Durant, OK, you’ve got to get your hands on one of her treats!

Branding Guidelines

Sketching the
Sketching the “Caked Up! Durant” Logo  –